PRASAC Pay Back Cambodia Society Via Building Library

Mr. Oum Samoeun, COO of PRASAC inaugurated library

PRASAC is a leading Microfinance Institution in Cambodia in terms of loan Portfolio Outstanding and Nationwide Branch Network. Currently, PRASAC offers a competitive loans and savings which clients can access in 24 provinces and city. Now PRASAC is serving 123,500 active loan clients with USD 142million loan outstanding, and 7,930 active depositors with USD 5 million saving amount.

In order to achieve Cambodia Millennium Development Goals (CMDG) by 2015, the Cambodia Royal Government has prioritized Education Development, particularly Education For All program which is  under implementation to ensure that all the Cambodian students have to complete the basic education at Primary School at least and roll out to the 9 years program. Concerning with this, PRASAC is also committed to support the core policy of the government through building libraries for the primary schools under the collaboration with Room to Read Organzation.

As a result, PRASAC already built a library for Pongror Leu primary school in Chek Commune, Chikreng District and SiemReap province. The library inauguration ceremony was held on 15 December 2011 with approximately 1,000 guests including PRASAC’s management team, Room to Read’s Team, local authorities and communities. At the same time, PRASAC dedicates the new library to education and future of Cambodian children.

With its social vision and mission, PRASAC is going to build more libraries for the primary schools in Cambodia and offer scholarship for the outstanding students in both local and national level as well. At the same time, PRASAC is also strongly committed to protect the environment and rural sanitation through providing biodigester loan, latrine loan and clean water.