Senior Legal HR Officer

  March 7, 2018
   Position In Phnom Penh

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Update an existed employment contract, agreement letter and HR Memo.
  • Review internal rules, HR Policy and Regulations based on Labour Law requirements.
  • Highlight all changed of Labour Law, Parkas, Degree and Sub-Degree of ministries related to HR issues.
  • Provide legal advice of HR Management to Chief HR Management and Personnel Manager.
  • Provide legal advice to HR team.
  • Update all potential HR firm lists.
  • Conduct investigation of staff breach of employment contract.
  • Conduct investigation of staff frauds and file to court.
  • Develop and review of disciplinary policy.
  • Develop termination of employment contract procedures.
  • Deal with conflict between staff, PRASAC and relevant local authorities.
  • File all related documents.
  • Perform other tasks required by Personnel Manager and CHRM.
  • Coordinate with HR team to conduct HR Memo.

Key Selection Criteria and Qualification:

  • Educational background in Bachelor degree in law and management, MBA is a plus.
  • At least two years’ experience of Labour Law and legal consultant services.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English.
  • Good computer literacy (particularly Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Microsoft Office, internet, E-mail…).
  • High personal integrity, morality and prudence.
  • High motivation and ability to perform tasks without supervision.
  • Good interpersonal skill and ability to work in a team spirit.
  • Be able to travel to province.