Easier with PRASAC ATM throughout the Capital and Provinces

PRASAC, the largest finance institution in Cambodia, offers a wide range of financial services to provide convenient, time saving, fast, and efficient service to clients. Among those services, ATM plays an important role.

PRASAC has installed more than 130 ATMs throughout the country with various functions for customers to perform transactions such as withdrawal, fund transfer, water bill payment, electricity bill payment, phone top up, Cash-by-Code, foreign exchange, checking balance and others any time anywhere.

Mr. Say Sony, Senior Vice President of PRASAC, said that: “Using ATM will bring convenience and high security to clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Clients are able to make self-banking service such as cash withdrawal, transfer, settle water and electricity bill payment, and phone top-up in a convenient, fast, and secure manner especially the transactions via ATM are of charge.”

Mr. Sony added that the public should open Savings Account at PRASAC today in order to get beautiful and modern ATM card, especially to get high interest and easy to manage cash securely at anytime and anywhere.


In the first semester of 2019, PRASAC has more than USD 2,800 million in total asset, loan portfolio of USD 2,370 million with 410 thousand active borrowers, 177 branch office network, installed 129 ATMs, nearly 8,200 staff, and build with support of 40 library buildings in various provinces of Cambodia. For more information, visit: www.prasac.com.kh

For any demand or further information about PRASAC’s loan, please contact any nearest PRASAC’s branch or call 086 999 911 or 023 999 911 or 0969 999 911.