PRASAC Becomes New Member of Bakong System

Phnom Penh: PRASAC, the largest financial institution in Cambodia, has recently become a new member of Bakong system, a mobile payment application that allows customers to do interbank transactions and bill payments easily within Cambodia.

Initiated and hosted by the National Bank of Cambodia, the Bakong project aims at promoting an efficient payment system and financial inclusion in the Kingdom.

Mr. Say Sony, Senior Vice President of PRASAC, said that: “We are truly honored and delighted to be an integral part of NBC’s Bakong project, a mobile payment application using Blockchain technology that will bring all payment services providers and financial institutions onto the same platform in order to make people easier and help them to better daily cash management.”

He added, “Bakong is the payment service allowing customers to transfer funds to one another across platforms throughout the country. It is safe, easy, fast and free of charge. Customers can therefore blissfully enjoy availing themselves of this service to transfer, make a payment, deposit, and receive funds effortlessly,” highlighting that Bakong redefines mobile payment and banking by combining e-wallets, mobile payments, online banking, and financial applications within one easy-to-use interface for any preferred bank account.

Mr. Sony also underlined that this unparalleled payment app plays a substantial role to promote inclusive growth and poverty reduction as well as being a vehicle to drive robust growth in this digital era.

He added that Bakong is one of many projects in which PRASAC has collaborated with NBC to streamline the payment system such as Fast Service and Cambodian Shared Switch.

Please download Bakong app now from the App Store ( or Play Store ( and enjoy the new way of payment and fund transfer with unrivalled simplicity, convenience and security.