PRASAC Congratulates Riel Day, the 42nd Anniversary of the Reintroduction of the Riel

Phnom Penh, 20 March 2022: PRASAC, the largest financial institution in Cambodia, has congratulated Riel Day, the 42nd Anniversary of the Reintroduction of the Riel (20 March 1980 – 20 March 2022). The Riel plays an utmost important role in strengthening national identity and maintaining stability and developing commerce, investment, finance sector and economy. Riel serves as unit of account, medium of exchange and store of value.

PRASAC has actively promoted Khmer Riel currency by using in business transactions and provision of its financial products and services to its valued clients. Regarding Loan in Riel, PRASAC credit officers often encourage customers to choose loan in Khmer Riel by explaining customers the benefits of using loan in Khmer Riel including low interest rates of loan in Riel, no loss on currency exchange rate, time saving (in exchange and travel to make an exchange), time saving in repayment (only one currency), repayment process is easy, preventing from fake notes and promoting Khmer Riels. All of these are explicitly written on our loans flyers.

​Furthermore, PRASAC has joined The National Bank of Cambodia and other financial institutions in creating various services to promote the use of Riel such as Fast Payment, Cambodian Shared Switch (CSS), Real-time Fund Transfer and Payment Service via Bakong System. PRASAC has also cooperated with NBC in providing financial literacy to Cambodian people through the campaign “Let’s Talk Money” in which the importance of the Riel is highlighted.

On the occasion of the Riel Day, Anniversary of the Reintroduction of the Riel, PRASAC’s management and staff would like to express deep gratitude to the National Bank of Cambodia, local authorities and stakeholders for their support and advice for 27 years. We would also like to thank all of our clients for choosing PRASAC as their financial partner and wish them great success in their business. At PRASAC, we share a goal with all clients – Growing Together.