PRASAC Offers Co-Financing Scheme Loans to SME in Cambodia

PRASAC has participated in the “SME Co-Financing Scheme,” an initiative of the Royal Government of Cambodia, aimed at providing low-interest loans to bolster and develop the small and medium-sized enterprises in Cambodia.

This loan scheme will enable PRASAC to provide loans to small and medium enterprises with an investment capital up to KHR 1.26 billion (or USD 300,000) or with working capital up to KHR 840 million (or USD 200,000) for their businesses with a special interest rate of 7% per annum and loan term up to 4 years.

Say Sony, Executive Vice President of PRASAC, said that the SME Co-financing Scheme Loan is a type of loan that PRASAC and SME Bank of Cambodia, representing the Royal Government of Cambodia, cooperates to provide equally co-financing loans to SMEs with the low-interest rate to bolster and develop the small and medium-sized enterprises in prioritized sectors such as manufacturing and handicrafts to replace the import, fulfill domestic consumption or act as inputs in the production of large companies, and to create employment opportunities.

Small and medium-sized enterprises which need capital can apply for this loan under the SME Co-Financing Scheme at any PRASAC’s branch closest, or call 023 999 911 or 086 999 911 for more information.

Mr. Sony continued, “Amidst COVID-19 pandemic, PRASAC still provides loans to clients as normal. On behalf of the Management and staff of PRASAC, I would like to thank all the borrowers who have supported and use PRASAC’s loan services and would like to wish you all the good health and safety in this tough time. Please take cautious actions to protect yourself, your family, your community, and our nation as a whole. And let’s join together to fight COVID-19 outbreak and stay safer.”