PRASAC Offers Green Loan for Enhancing People Livelihood and Protecting the Environment

PRASAC, the largest financial institution, has actively contributed to promoting the financial inclusion in Cambodia, particularly in providing green loans to promote the living standard of Cambodian people and in participating in social and environmental protection.

PRASAC’s Green Loans are designed to tailor made and contribute to 20% energy savings, allowing consumers to boost their productivity and household incomes. PRASAC Green Loan consists of 2 types: Biogas Loan (Renewable Energy) and Efficient Tractor/Power Tiller Loan (Energy Efficiency).

Mr. Say Sony, Senior Vice President of PRASAC, said that PRASAC has partnered with National Biodigester Programme (NBP) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF) in providing biogas loan since 2007 and energy-savings tractor and power tiller loans since 2016. The objective of the provision of the green loans is to contribute to the increment of household incomes and social and environment protection.

Mr. Sony added that PRASAC offers Green loans with low interest rates, longer loan term, convenient and flexible repayment method in order to facilitate the loan usage of the clients. PRASAC still continues to expand its dimension and disseminate the benefits of green loan more broadly.

Please be noted that PRASAC not only offers Green Loan but also business loan, agriculture loan, consumer loans and others.

During the first half of 2019, PRASAC has total assets of more than USD 2,800 million, loan portfolio of more than USD 2,370 million, 410 thousand borrowers, a nationwide office network and ATMs, and nearly 8,200 employees, coupled with 40 library buildings in all provinces in Cambodia. For further information, please visit

If you need a loan, please call 086 999 911 or 023 999 911 or 0969 999 911 or visit any nearest PRASAC branches. PRASAC Growing Together!