PRASAC Offers Phone Top-up Service of Metfone for Free of Charge

PRASAC, the largest financial institution in Cambodia, has cooperated with Metfone to launch phone top-up service, allowing customers to PINless top up their mobile phone or their relative’s via ​PRASAC Mobile Banking and ​ATM easily at anytime and anywhere without fee charge.

PRASAC Offers Phone Top-up Service of Metfone for Free of Charge

Mr. Say Sony, PRASAC’s Executive Vice President, said: “We are very excited about the partnership of the new top-up service which will bring greater convenience to our customers. Now our customers do not need to carry cash or travel to find any store to buy Metfone scratch card anymore. With PRASAC Mobile Banking and ATM, they can top up their mobile phone without PIN code easily and fast. What even better is that the top up service is free of charge.”

He added that this is a crucial partnership that will provide convenient and innovative banking solution to Metfone subscribers. They can open a savings account and sign up for PRASAC Mobile Banking and get a beautiful ATM card at any of PRASAC’s branches across the country. With this, they can then top up directly from their savings account 7 days a week 24 hours a day which will ensure they never run out of pre-paid mobile balance.”

Be noted that PRASAC offers various banking services including mobile and internet banking, deposits, loans, fund transfer, water bill payment, electricity bill payment, Cash Deposit Machine, Cash-by-Code, money exchange, mobile top-up, payroll, Fast payment, ATM, CSS, Bakong payment service, Real-time Fund Transfer (RFT), interbank fund transfer and others.

For more information, please visit or contact our call center 023 999 911 or 086 999 911.