PRASAC Participates In Cambodia FinTech Day’ 2019

PRASAC, the largest financial institution in Cambodia, proudly sponsored the Cambodia FinTech Day’ 2019, organized by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC). The event was held on 2 October 2019 at Raffles Hotel Le Royal in Phnom Penh.

PRASAC Contributes in the Sponsorship to Cambodia FinTech Day’ 2019​

The goal of this remarkable event is to generate awareness and exchange information on emerging market trends and developments in FinTech, as well as on regulatory issues pertaining to innovation in financial services in Cambodia and the region.

The event was attended by representatives from government officials, policymakers, regulators, banking and financial institutions, academia, as well as financial technology (FinTech) companies, with an estimated number of 500 participants.

PRASAC Contributes in the Sponsorship to Cambodia FinTech Day’ 2019

Be noted that FinTech or Financial Technology refers to computer programs, applications and other technology solutions used to support or enable banking services.

Mr. Say Sony, Senior Vice President of PRASAC, said: “We at PRASAC are proud to sponsor Cambodia FinTech Day’ 2019. It is a prestigious event gathering main industry players as well as regulators to discuss the growing importance of FinTech in shaping the financial system of the new economy and to keep up with the recent regulatory frameworks, challenges, opportunities, and current development of FinTech in Cambodia and the region.”

PRASAC Contributes in the Sponsorship to Cambodia FinTech Day’ 2019​

He added, “For PRASAC, we strongly acknowledge the advantages of financial technology. We believe that FinTech will be crucial for eliminating poverty and reducing the country’s unbanked population. That said, we have invested our time and money to reap the benefits of the new innovation. Hence, PRASAC has modernized its operations with financial technology such as the state-of-the-art core banking system, ATM, Mobile and Internet Banking, POS and QR code.”

Mr. Sony underlined that these technologies have increased efficiency, safety, and transparency, while reducing costs and enhancing access to financial services for many. They have revolutionize the financial sector, contributing to alleviating poverty and promoting financial inclusion.

PRASAC Contributes in the Sponsorship to Cambodia FinTech Day’ 2019​

“We currently have more than 410,000 clients who can access to our financial services easily such as loans, savings, bill payments, fund transfer, foreign exchange through 180 branch offices, ATM, and mobile banking and internet banking,” added Mr. Sony.


During the first half of 2019, PRASAC has total assets of more than USD 2,800 million, loan portfolio of more than USD 2,370 million, a nationwide office network and ATMs, diversification of digital banking services, and nearly 8,200 employees, coupled with 40 library buildings in all provinces in Cambodia. For further information, please visit

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