PRASAC Participates in Implementing 3 Do and 3 Don’t to Stop COVID-19 Pandemic

In response to the current outbreak, PRASAC, the largest financial institution in Cambodia, has delivered prompt and serious actions to fight against Covid-19 pandemic by requiring clients and staff to firmly implement “3 Do and 3 Don’t”. PRASAC has produced “3 Don’t and 3 Do” banner for promoting via its formal Facebook page “PRASAC MFI” and nearly 200 branch offices as well. PRASAC requires all customers and staff to comply with 4 key points before entering to PRASAC’s office namely: 1. scan QR Code Stop Covid, 2. wear mask, 3. temperature checking, 4. clean hand with alcohol or gel with social distance.

With this regard, PRASAC has stick the poster of ‘United Against Covid-19’ on branch door, ATM house door, teller counter and on customer service desk to allow customers to scan QR code to check-in easily. PRASAC has also stick Covid-19 Prevention Tips at its branches to increase awareness among customers.

Mr. Say Sony, PRASAC Executive Vice President, said that “We have joined hand with the government to stop the spread of Covid-19 in the community. PRASAC also encourages clients and public to follow stringent hygiene and safety measures such as monitoring the temperature of staff and clients before entering the institution, frequent hand washing with soap or alcohol-based hand sanitizer gel, wearing mask, practice of social distancing and cleaning the office very often. We also change from in-person meetings and trainings to online ones and assign some staff to work from home to reduce direct contact.”

Mr. Sony stated that “On behalf of PRASAC, I strongly believe that we together are able to stop covid-19. And during this difficult time, on behalf of Management and Staff of PRASAC, I would like to wish you all the good health and safety. Please take cautious actions to protect yourself and your family. And let’s join together to fight COVID-19 outbreak by implementing the Covid-19 prevention measures of the Ministry of Health of Cambodia.”