PRASAC Promotes Financial Inclusion via Financial Technology (FinTech)

Financial Technology (FinTech) is a modern technology that offers a better, convenient and timesaving method in the delivery of financial services.

Seeing the importance of this latest technology and to make financial services more accessible to clients in a convenient and modern manner in line with the pace of the progress of the world, PRASAC has modernized its operation with financial technology such as the core banking system, ATM​, Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, POS and QR​ Code.

FinTech sees remarkable growth. Mr. Say Sony, SVP & Chief Marketing Management of PRASAC said: “PRASAC acknowledges the advantages of technology development. We have invested time and money [in FinTech]. Hence, we migrated our core banking system from MicroBanker to FlexCube, the world’s first class banking system. We currently have more than 395,000 clients who can access to our financial services easily.

Currently, PRASAC’s clients can self-perform banking operations such as bill payment, mobile top-up, fund transfer to their loved ones, friends, business partners and non-account receivers, check account balance and perform other transactions.

PRASAC has also closely cooperated with The National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) in promoting financial sector and financial inclusion in Cambodia such as using FinTech to promote the use of Riel through designing FAST service and broadening financial literacy.