Kid Growth Savings Account

The great future of a kid is very important and a wish of every single parents!

Achieves your dream with the open of “Kid Growth Savings Account” with PRASAC today in order to let your beloved kid to earn higher knowledge, set-up a business or be a profession employee in the future.

Feature Descriptions
Eligible customer
  • Individual
  • Kid aged below or equal 16 years
Currency KHR / USD / THB
Initial deposits USD 100 or KHR 400,000 or THB 4,000
Minimum balance USD 500 or KHR 2,000,000 or THB 20,000
  • The deposit period is set as the number of days
  • The number of days ranges from 725 days (or 2 years) to 6,575 days (or 18 years)
Standard interest rate per annum USD KHR THB
Size Rate Size Rate Size Rate
≤ 1,000 5.00% ≤ 4,000,000 5.00% ≤ 40,000 5.00%
> 1,000 – 5,000 5.50% > 4,000,000- 20,000,000 5.50% > 40,000-200,000 5.50%
> 5,000 6.00% > 20,000,000 6.00% > 200,000 6.00%
Interest payment Interest is calculated and accrued daily and settled into customer accounts annually
Withholding tax
  • Resident 6%
  • Non-Resident 14%
Kid Growth Savings passbook
  • No fee charge for the initial request of passbook or after using all sheets of passbook
  • For new request of passbook when lose or damage, fee charge is USD 3 or KHR 12,000 or THB 120
Account information card Offer with free
  • Add more deposit through all PRASAC branches or Mobile Banking or Internet Banking or POS
  • Depositing across branches is subject to fee of domestic money transfer
  • Withdrawal can be made via office counter only
  • Inter-branch withdrawal is subject to fee of domestic money transfer
Other Services
  • Free of charge for the request of bank confirmation, account statement, and activate mobile banking & internet banking application
  • Cannot request for ATM card

Required documents (for the kid and joint account holder):

  • Birth Certificate or
  • Family Book or
  • Residential Book or​
  • Identification Card or​
  • Passport or
  • Photo of Kid (if any)


  • Interest rate and fee above are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.