Retirement Account

Taking care and managing cash for personal or family expenses after retirement is a must for each individual or family. PRASAC offers Retirement Account for companies, enterprises, national and international organizations to provide convenience and motivation to their employees.

Product Features

Descriptions Product Feature
Annual Interest Rate 8.50% (KHR) / 7.00% (USD)
Minimum Initial Deposit Not required
Terms From 1 to 5 years
Account Document
  • Passbook: KHR 12,000 or USD 3 or THB 120
  • Customer Account Information Card: Free of charge
Interest Calculation Interest is accrued daily and paid at the end of year automatically into your account.
Deposit/Withdrawal According to the agreement
Withholding Tax
  • Resident 6%
  • Non-resident 14%
Penalty for  account redemption or withdrawal before agreement end
  • USD 50 or KHR 200,000 for any closure or withdrawal less than one year
  • USD 30 or KHR 120,000 for any closure or withdrawal more than one year or before agreement end
Interest rate for  account redemption or withdrawal before agreement end or before retirement age Interest rate is offered according to the standard interest rate of Retirement Account and automatically calculation based on actual term (number of days) of depositing.



  • Interest rate and fee above are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.