Real Time Fund Transfer (RFT)

You can make fund transfer to other banks and microfinance institutions which are the members of Retail Pay system at anytime and anywhere. Customers of above banks and microfinances can also transfer their funds to your account or their business partner’s account at PRASAC. Retail Pay system is initiated by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC).

Please download PRASAC Mobile Banking to use Real Time Fund Transfer (RFT) service:

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Transfer Limit

Types of Transfer Via Maximum Limit per Day Maximum Limit per Transaction
Transfer from Account at PRASAC to Account at Other Banks PRASAC Mobile Banking or Internet Banking KHR 400 million or USD 100,000 KHR 80 million or USD 20,000
PRASAC Branch Not Limit KHR 200 million or USD 50,000
Transfer from Account at PRASAC to Phone Number PRASAC Mobile Banking or Internet Banking KHR 10 million or USD 2,500 < KHR 4 million or < USD 1,000
PRASAC Branch Not Limit KHR 4 million or USD 1,000

Product Features

Features Descriptions
Ways to Make Fund Transfer
  • PRASAC Mobile Banking
  • PRASAC Internet Banking
  • PRASAC’s Branches
Number of Transaction Not limit
Service Tariff Amount Service Tariff
≤ KHR 4 million or ≤ USD 1,000 KHR 3,000 or USD 0.76
> KHR 4 million – KHR ≤ 20 million or
> USD 1,000 – ≤ USD 5,000
KHR 6,000 or USD 1.51
> KHR 20 million – ≤ KHR 40 million or
> USD 5,000 – ≤ USD 10,000
KHR 9,000 or USD 2.31
> KHR 40 million – ≤ KHR 100 million or
> USD 10,000 – ≤ USD 25,000
KHR 12,000 or USD 3.06
> KHR 100 million – ≤ KHR 200 million or
> USD 25,000 – ≤ USD 50,000
KHR 15,000 or USD 3.81
Fee Payer Sender is obliged to pay the transfer fee
Cash-out Using PIN Code (for transfer from account to phone number)
  • Cash-out at any PRASAC’s branch or member Banks and MFIs
  • Free of charge
Retail Pay’s Members PRASAC MFI Plc., Cambodia Post Bank​ Plc., Kookmin Bank Cambodia Plc., Canadia Bank Plc., Phnom Penh Commercial Bank, Shinhan Khmer Bank, ACLEDA Bank Plc., Vattanac Bank, LOLC (Cambodia) Plc., Prince Bank Plc., Cambodian Public Bank Plc., Sathapana Bank Plc., Foreign Trade Bank of Cambodia, WB Finance, DGB Bank Plc., and Industrial Bank of Korean Phnom Penh Branch


  • Interest rate and fee above are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.