Senior Network Administration Officer

 ថ្ងៃផ្សព្វផ្សាយ​ ៖ January 11, 2023
 កាល​បរិច្ឆេទឈប់ទទួលពាក្យ ៖ January 31, 2023
  ចំនួនបេក្ខជនដែលត្រូវជ្រើសរើស ៖ 1  រូប

Job Location:

  • Head Office

Main Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design and install core network in data centers and country wide network infrastructure.
  • Design and install security firewall to ensure that IT environment is safe and secured.
  • Design and configuration network traffic load balancing to make active/active devices.
  • Setup and monitor VPN connection and cooperation service partners and ISP provider.
  • Setup/configuring network monitoring system to monitor network at all branches to production and backup site.
  • Study risk of system network and related to above responsibilities.
  • Research system technology market trend and make a correct proposal.
  • Documents, maintains, upgrades or replaces hardware and software systems.
  • Report all relevant responsibility to his/her manager.
  • Deal with all related IT issues at Branches.
  • Perform others tasks assigned by Manager.

Key Selection Criteria and Qualification

  • Educational background in IT/MIS at BSc degree or related fields.
  • Advance in core network design for 24/7 data center and VPN peers, LAN and WAN connection in between Head office and branch offices towards partners country wide network.
  • Advance in security firewall design and installation for safe and secure IT environment.
  • Good at system network risk assessment and conduct failover/switchover testing.
  • Good knowledge in local/global network traffic load balancing.
  • Good knowledge in enterprise networking and troubleshooting management.
  • Experience In system banking or 24/7 networking environment.
  • Good speaking and writing English.

Employment Information

Interested candidates are requested to fill Employment Application Form and attach the copy of certificates, recommendations, National ID card, birth letter and family book to PRASAC MFI., Head Office at Building 212, St. 271, Toultompong 2, Chamkarmorn, Phnom Penh or by E-mail:

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Note: Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for writing test or interview.