Bigger, Longer, and Easier with PRASAC’s Loan

Phnom Penh, 22 August 2017: Results from economic growth, political stability, safe social security, and better business environment, PRASAC has decided to increase its loan size BIGGER and loan term LONGER, and made the process EASIER. The new maximum loan size is up to USD 200,000 while loan term is up to 10 years with competitive interest rate and more convenient loan conditions and process.

“This new offer is in accordance with the growth of micro, small and medium enterprises which need larger capital to expand their business. Seeing this, PRASAC has revised the loan policy to carter this need and to support our valued clients grow even more, even bigger,” said Mr. Say Sony, SVP & Chief Marketing Management of PRASAC. “Clients can enjoy more growth in both business and living standard as they can get bigger loan size but with less burden of monthly interest as they have longer repayment term.”

“We also simplify the loan process to help you get the capital faster. Please contact us if you need financial solutions for your business. Our professional staff are waiting to serve you,” added Mr. Say Sony.

PRASAC, the country’s largest MFI, offers various types of credits for customer’s growth such as Micro Loans, SME Loans, Personal Loans, Emergency Loans, Education Loans, Bio-gas Loans, Latrine Loan, Home Improvement and Housing Loans, Motorbike or Car Loans, Group Loans, and others.

Please note that PRASAC fully complies with laws and regulations of Cambodia. In fact, PRASAC received a license from the National Bank of Cambodia since 2004; and it has registered capital more than the regulatory prudency ratio, USD 110 million. PRASAC always obeys and follows the following practices:

  • Comply with lending guideline and client protection principles
  • Don’t get the original of identity card, residential book, family book as pledged collateral
  • PRASAC is a private company and operates in earning the profit; and all PRASAC’s borrowers have the duty to repay their loan according to the agreed loan schedule.

As of 30 June 2017, PRASAC has total assets USD 1,516 million, loan portfolio USD 1,247 million, deposit balance USD 784 million, office network 177, ATM network 123, and nearly 7,000 staff.

PRASAC also got many awards and certifications such as MFTransparency SEAL of Pricing Transparency, Client Protection Certification from Smart Campaign, Smart GIRAFE Rating “A-Stable” on Financial Performance and “Grade 4” on Social Performance rating from Planet Rating; and other recognitions from both local and international context.

For more information, please contact any PRASAC branch or call 023 999 911 or 086 999 911 or visit