Convenience and Free of Charge in Transferring Fund to Your Beloved One via Cash-by-Code

Phnom Penh, September 06, 2017: In the occasion of Kan Ben and Pchum Ben, Khmer Buddhists offer money to lovely parents and prepare foods, money and stuff to monk in commemoration to their ancestors who already passed away.  In the meantime, the children who have migrated to the city always transfer money and materials to their parents.

Those people frequently choose different options to send money home; but, PRASAC would like to introduce a modern service for transferring their money, called “Cash-by-Code”, which is convenient, fast, and secured as well as with free of charge. Cash-by-Code can be done through Prasac Mobile & internet Banking or ATMs throughout the country. Just get a code from sender, the receiver can access the money transfer from the nearest Prasac ATM by the following points:

  • Press any key on ATM keypad
  • Select Yes
  • Enter 6 digits of cash code (Received from sender)
  • Select currency (KHR or USD)
  • Enter received amount, then select accept

“Now sending your cash to business partners, friends, and especially beloved parents for Pchum Ben Day is no longer a concern though the receiver has no card or bank account with PRASAC; now the receiver gets the cash immediately when receiving a code from sender.” Mr. Say Sony, SVP & Chief Marketing Management of PRASAC said.

PRASAC is a leading financial institution in Cambodia with the largest office networks, ATMs, loan portfolios, and deposits. As of 30 June 2017, PRASAC has total assets USD 1,516 million, loan portfolio USD 1,247 million, deposit balance USD 784 million, office network 176, ATM network 123, and 7,000 staff.

“On behalf of PRASAC management, I would like to extend all best wishes to you, your family, and PRASAC staff as well; and have a safe and sound trip in this during this time,” Mr. Say Sony added.