PRASAC ATM Card is Your Financial Assistant at 25 Provinces and City

Phnom Penh, October 03, 2017: PRASAC ATM has become a prominent part and cash safety of everyday life of people. Nowadays, the clever and modern people are away from keeping cash in their wallet, they prefer using ATM service thanks to its convenience and safety. ATM has become a financial assistant to keep and operate many financial transactions such as cash withdrawal, fund transfer, water and electricity bill payment, mobile top-up, and others.  All you need is just an ATM Card of PRASAC.

For those who would like to use PRASAC ATM, they can simply open a savings account at PRASAC at any nearest PRASAC branches, you will get an ATM card immediately, and can enjoy many benefits of ATM services, and especially your savings will get higher interest rate with security, trust, and convenience.

Recently, about 90,000 ATM users – both rural and urban people –use this service to access the banking transactions 24/7. PRASAC reaches 4 million ATM transactions with amount of USD 300 million cash transaction including cash withdrawal, fund transfer, Cash-by-Code, EDC bill payment, PPWSA bill payment, phone top-up, account statement and inquiry.

“PRASAC was the first MFI who launched ATM service in Cambodia with modern technology to serve and assist its customers to manage their financial needs easily by just operating transaction by themselves at any nearest ATM house. Presently, PRASAC has​​ 127 ATMs at its branch offices and public locations throughout the country,” said Mr. Say Sony, SVP and Chief Marketing Management of PRASAC.

ATM service has been playing an important role as part of sustainable growth of PRASAC and its clients. As of 30 June 2017, PRASAC has total assets USD 1,516 million, loan portfolio USD 1,247 million, deposit balance USD 784 million, office network 176, ATM network 123, and more than 7,000 staff.