PRASAC Continues to Build Reading Habits and Promote Reading Culture Among Cambodian Pupils and Students

Phnom Penh, 24 August 2017: Education sector is a vital part for the development in Cambodia. Royal Government of Cambodia (RGC) as well as various development partners have been taken many ways to improve this sector. PRASAC, the biggest financial institution in Cambodia, also actively contributes to education development through building libraries to promote reading culture of the young generation in the rural areas in particular.

- PRASAC Library and Community at Kompong Thmor High school Kompong thom Province

The 21 library buildings with budget of more than USD 735 thousand were already completed the construction and installed the library facilities. The students, teachers and communities expressed their happiness in receiving this valuable asset. Meanwhile the student’s parent also thanks PRASAC in helping their kids to improve knowledge or self-learning in addition to the core knowledge from the teachers.

- PRASAC Library and Community at Knach Romeas Secondary School Battambang Province

Seeing the solid achievements, PRASAC’s management decides to continue its library project in 2017 by extending to 4 other public schools in different provinces namely Takeo, Kandal, and Kampong Speu. The 4 projects is under the cooperation of Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport. Here are the name of 4 public schools:

  • Prey Lovea primary school, located at Prey Lovea village, Prey Lovea commune, Prey Kabas district, Takeo province
  • Prei Yuthakar primary-secondary school, located at Taphan village, Prey Yuthaka commune, Koh Andeat district, Takeo province
  • Svay Chrum primary-secondary school, located at Leu village, Svay Chrum commune, Khsach Kandal district, Kandal province
  • Boeung Khnar primary-secondary school, located at Mohalumpeing 1 village, Sendei commune, Samrong Torng district, Kampong Speu province

- PRASAC Library and Community Construction Site at Prey Lovea Secondary School Takeo Province

The construction works for the project have started since July 2017 at Prey Lovea primary school, and it has rolled out to Beung Khna high school, Prey Yuthaka high school, and Svay Chrum primary-secondary school respectively. For these new libraries will be ready for all beneficiaries at the end of year 2017.

- PRASAC Library and Community Construction Site at Beoung Kna Secondary School Kampong Speu Province

The library building will be equipped by many facilities and stationery including bookshelves, books, maps, slogans, tables, cabinet, materials box, chairs, and desks. On top of building library, PRASAC supports in providing training to librarians in order to control and manage the library.

Study Activities of Student at Kompong Tmor Highschool Kampong Thom Province in PRASAC Library and Community

As of mid-2017, library project has covered 289 villages with a total of 58,421 households and a total population of 269,936 in 8 provinces such as Kampong Speu, Kampong Cham, Prey Veng, Kampong Thom, Siem Reap, Takeo, Preah Vihear, and Battambang. There are 14,130 students and 543 teachers benefiting directly from the library project.