PRASAC Joined 10th Ben at Serey Sophea Pagoda

Kampong Cham, September 15, 2017: Kan Ben and Pchum Ben, called Ancestor Day, is one of the most important ceremony for Cambodian people who believe in Buddhism. No matter how rich or poor, Cambodian people always prepare food, materials and money for monks at pagodas to pray for their ancestors who passed away with hopes that the good deeds will bring them with happiness, healthiness and allow their ancestors to be at heaven or to avoid in a bad spirit.

With these reasons, every year PRASAC management and staff including all PRASAC provincial levels always participate Kan Ben days with gifts offering to the monks for dedicating to their ancestors and wishing the best for family. And, today PRASAC management, led by Mr. Sim Senacheert, President and CEO, joined 10th Ben at Serey Sophea pagoda located in Chhun Leak Dai village, Tong Tralach commune, Srei Santhor district, Kampong Cham province, and brought foods, materials and money for monks, especially contributed money to improve the pagoda’s infrastructure as well.

“Annually, on the occasion, PRASAC always actively contributes to glorify Buddhism and wishes the best for family and Cambodia people through the participation of Kan Ben day and offerings of stuff and money to the monks,” said Mr. Say Sony, SVP & Chief Marketing Management of PRASAC, “Apart from following the religious practices, PRASAC practices the Buddhist concept through participation of making a better living of people and join the social activities – , library building, cleft mouth operation, blood donation, national disaster, Cambodia Red Cross,…etc.”

“On behalf of PRASAC Management and staff, I would like to wish all of Cambodian people, especially PRASAC’s customers with a nice holiday, safe trip to their hometown or resorts, and to be blessed with happiness, success, and growth,” Mr. Sony added.