PRASAC Shared Successful Experiences to City Savings Bank

Phnom Penh, 26 July, 2017: PRASAC, the Kingdom’s leading microfinance, has warmly welcomed a group of delegates of City Savings Bank, one of the leading banks in Philippines, led by CEO & President Catalino Santiago Abacan, who pays visit to learn from PRASAC about Successful Financial Inclusion.

During the meeting, PRASAC Management, led by Mr. Oum Samoeun, EVP & Chief Operations Officer, have shared the various successful cases namely the development of a wide range of loan products, deposit products and other banking services; key tactics in lending process especially loan assessment, loan approval and NPL management; strategy to become the best financial providers with the largest branch network, ATM, total assets, loan portfolio, number of borrowers, deposit balance, etc.

“PRASAC is always delighted to welcome other financial institutions to visit, learn and share experiences on banking operations. On behalf of PRASAC management, we would like to thank the delegate from City Savings Bank for their visit PRASAC today. This will build good relation between us. As our countries are in ASEAN community, it’s very essential for us to learn from each other,” said Mr. Samoeun.

After finishing the sharing event at PRASAC head office, management from City Savings Bank and PRASAC paid a field visit to PRASAC branches in Kandal province in order to further understand the real situation of operations and procedures of the MFI.

Mr. Catalino Santiago Abacan has thanked PRASAC for the warm welcoming, and wished PRASAC all the success in its operations.