PRASAC Sponsors Women’s Day Celebration

08 March 2017: In line with its CSR policy and corporate value in delivering a positive impact to the Cambodian society, PRASAC, the leading private financial institution in the Kingdom, proudly sponsored the celebration of the 106th Anniversary of International Women’s Day under the theme “Women for Peace and Prosperity” held in Kok Chork commune, Siem Reap province.

The objective of this celebration is to remember the efforts and to show respect, appreciation and love towards women for their role in the society and family.

“PRASAC is a private financial institution which pays high attention to the social and economic development. We strongly believe that women play an important role in achieving this goal. That said, 85 percent of our borrowers from small businesses and low-to-middle-income households are women. We are convinced that helping women in reaching their dream financially and spiritually means that we are helping the whole society,” said Mr. Say Sony, PRASAC’s SVP and Chief Marketing Management.

“The indispensable force of PRASAC’s engaged and dynamic staff are women which represent 25% of the total staff. They make the difference to PRASAC’s whole performance. They bring their talents, creativity, and solution to PRASAC,” said Mr. Sou Vanthan, PRASAC’s SVP & Chief Human Resource Management. “We are proud to create an exciting place where female staff can develop their full potential. Now there are more and more women in the management role in our institution.”

Mrs. Chhorn Sokunthea, VP & Manager of Training and Staff Development Department, who has been working at PRASAC for more than 10 years, expressed her enthusiasm on this occasion that, “I’m pleased and proud to say that we women can go big, walk tall and achieve big things in life and work as men can. What men can do, we (women) also can do when we are committed and capable. I would like ask all women and all female PRASAC staff in particular to improve their knowledge and capacity through on-going trainings. Only education can uplift women.”

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish all women good luck and success in their life and work,” said Mrs. Sokunthea.