Shorter and Better for Term Deposit Account with PRASAC

Phnom Penh, September 01, 2017: Aligning with recent local financial market competition, PRASAC adds up terms to meet the growing demand of customers who wish to earn additional income from their surplus cash flow in specific period, and need short-term revolving capital to financially support their businesses.

“Our clients and public now have a plenty of additional term choices from 1 month and above that fit your investment goal and cash flow as we add tenor of 2, 4, and 5 months on top of our current term deposit. The revision of the account is valid from September 01, 2017,” said Mr. Say Sony, SVP & Chief Marketing Management, “We are now offering full range of term deposit to our depositors to be able to manage their fund with specific cash flow requirement, so from now one clients can enjoy their term deposit form 1 month to 36 months with high interest rate.”

The Term Deposit Account has two different types, namely Monthly Growth Account and Maturity Growth Account. Monthly Growth Account offers customers monthly-interest income stream, while Maturity Growth Account is the best choice for customers who wish to get highest-interest which principle and interest will be settled at the end of the term. Customers can enjoy higher interest rate up to 7.75% per annum compared by to market rate.

On top of opening of “Term Deposit Account”, customers are rewarded the Mobile and Internet Banking and beautiful features of ATM card which is used to withdraw and transfer money, cash-by-code, settle PPWSA & EDC bill payments, settle bill payments with POS, top up phone,  and other services  with free of charge, Mr. Sony add.

PRASAC, Cambodia’s largest microfinance institution, helps Cambodian people improve their living standards by providing loans, deposits, ATMs, mobile & internet banking, money transfers, PPWSA & EDC bill payments, bill payments, fast payment, POS, phone top-up, money exchange, and payroll.

On 30 June 2017, PRASAC has total assets USD 1,516 million, loan portfolio USD 1,247 million, deposit balance USD 784 million, office network 176, ATM network 123, and nearly 7,000 staff.

For more information, please contact any PRASAC branch or call 023 999 911 or 086 999 911 or visit