Flexi Growth Savings

Get higher and flexible interest according to the deposit amount, safety, and be able to perform many transactions such as deposit, withdraw, or transfer funds based on your daily actual demand, Flexi Growth Savings Account. Therefore, you do not need to worry about lack of cash flows to operate in your business, and getting higher interest rate up to 3.50% per annum.

Product Features

Features Descriptions
Initial Deposit Amount or Minimum Balance KHR 2,000,000 or USD 500 or THB 20,000
Currency KHR USD THB
Interest rate for individual account (per annum) 2,000,000
3.25% 500
3.25% 20,000
> 200,000,000 3.50% > 50,000 3.50% > 2,000,000 3.50%
Interest rate for corporate account (per annum) 2,000,000
3.25% 500
3.25% 20,000
> 400,000,000 3.50% > 100,000 3.50% > 4,000,000 3.50%
Interest Computation Interest is accrued daily and paid at the end of each month automatically into your account.
Withholding Tax
  • Resident 4%
  • Non-resident 14%
  • Waive for first-time issuance and fully used passbook
  • USD 3 (or equivalent other currencies) fee for lost/damage passbook when requests for a new one
Deposit / Withdrawal At any PRASAC online office during business hours
Dormant account Any accounts which are inactive for 12 months will be charged KHR 4,000 or USD 1 or THB 40 per month.
Additional service
  • No fee for the request of balance confirmation letter, account statement, ATM card, and the installation of Mobile & Internet Banking
  • Fee on issuing a bank Cheque: 1 sheet for USD 10 or equivalent other currencies

Account opening requirements

  • Any persons (Khmer or Expatriate) whose age from 18 years old
  • Individual Account: A customer has to provide an original copy of valid identification document
  • Corporate Account: Related documents of institution, company, school, or government entity
  • Customer has to have legal income generating activities, no crime convictions or others crimes.

Interest rate and fee above are subject to change without prior notice.

Other terms and conditions apply.