Savings Plan Account

You can start saving by topping up a fixed amount every month until you reach a desired amount for your goal and dream through PRASAC Savings Plan Account with higher interest rate.

Features Descriptions
Min. Monthly Installment KHR 40,000 or USD 10 or THB 400
Interest Rate 2.50% (KHR) or 2%.00 (USD) or 2.00% (THB)
Bonus Rate 4.50% (1st year) និង 5.50% (2nd year) (applicable to these 3 types of currency)
Withholding Tax
  • Resident 6%
  • Non-resident 14%
Saving Term 12 months or 24 months
Deposit Installment Monthly
Account Document
  • First issuance is free of charge.
  • In case of damage or lose of account document, the fee charge on requesting new document is USD 3 or equivalent other currencies.
Bonus Condition
  • Deposit on monthly basis with agreed amount.
  • Reaching the specific tenor / Keep account until maturity date.
Account Redemption
  • Available to close at any PRASAC branch with no fee charge of account redemption.
  • Only based rate will be provided.

Interest rate and fee above are subject to change without prior notice.

Other terms and conditions apply.