Fast Payment

“Fast Payment” is a new service, initiated by the National Bank of Cambodia (NBC) in cooperation with commercial banks and microfinance deposit-taking institutions (MDIs), that enables customers to transfer or receive funds and to settle bill payment for products and/or services such as purchasing foods, electronic devices, bus tickets… across commercial banks and MDIs through counter, ATM, mobile phone and computer in a safe, fast, efficient, and reliable manner.

Condition Description
Currency KHR only
Maximum Transfer Amount per Transaction KHR 40,000,000
Transfer Fee Amount (KHR) Service Fee (KHR)
<= 4 million 4,000
> 4 million to <= 20 million 8,000
> 20 million to <= 40 million 12,000
Cost bearer Sender is obliged to pay the transfer fee
Requirement Receiver shall have one account at one of the partner commercial banks or MDIs.
Commercial Banks and MDIs Banks: ACLEDA, ABA, BIDC, Cambodia Public Bank, Canadia, Sathapana, PHILLIP, ICBC, Cambodia Post Bank, Union Commercial Bank, ANZRoyal, Maybank, Phnom Penh Commercial Bank, Cathay United Bank, Hong Leong Bank Cambodia, Sacombank Cambodia, Cambodia Mekong Bank, Kookmin Bank Cambodia.

MDIs: PRASAC, AMK, Amret, HKL, Kredit and VisionFund