Mobile and Internet Banking

PRASAC Mobile Banking or Internet Banking is the most advanced technology for you to performance PPWSA bill payment, EDC bill payment, fund transfer from account to account,Cash-by-Code, mobile top-up, other bill payments, check balance & statement and manage ATM card easily and conveniently at anywhere, anytime.

Please download PRASAC Mobile App from:

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Daily Transaction and Service Fee

Features Limit Size per Day Limit Size per Transaction Fee Charge per Transaction
Fund Transfer USD 2,000 or equivalent to KHR
  • USD 1,000
  • KHR 4,000,000
  • USD 0.25 or KHR 1,000
  • No fee charge within same branch
Cash-by-Code USD 2,000 or equivalent to KHR
  • USD 200
  • KHR 200,000
USD 0.10 or KHR 400
EDC bill payment Unlimited
Bill payments Unlimited
Phone top-up Unlimited
Number of transactions per day Unlimited

Other Service Tariff

Descriptions Service Tariff
Initial balance USD 20 equivalent to KHR (Savings Account) / USD 100 equivalent to KHR (Unfixed Deposit Account)
Registration fee Free
PPWSA bill payment fee USD 0.25 or KHR 1,000
EDC bill payment fee USD 0.25 or KHR 1,000
Phone top-up Free
View exchange rate Free
Check balance & statement Free
Monthly fee USD 0.50 or KHR 2,000
Cancell of Mobile Internet Banking (Less than 1 year) USD 5 or KHR 20,000


You can use mobile and internet banking with Khmer Riel and US Dollar. If you make a payment in different currency from your account, then the system will automatically convert it according to PRASAC’s exchange rate.

– Number of transaction per day is not limited.
– Service tariff above is valid from 01 January 2018
– Fee above is subject to change without prior notice.